The Toothless Monster


About Us

The Toothless Monster® is brought to you by Three Little Hens LLC, a small, family-owned business created to bring this fun, new Tooth Fairy experience out of the jungle and into the lives of children and families everywhere. We are proudly based in Tampa, Florida, where we live with our three little hens . . . and one really loud rooster.

We sincerely thank you for your support!

About The Toothless Monster®

We came up with the idea for the The Toothless Monster while on vacation with our children, bouncing down a dirt road in the wilds of Central America. Our daughter, who was only three at the time, asked where teeth go when the Tooth Fairy takes them. Like a lot of parents, we didn't have a clue! A spontaneous reply that the Tooth Fairy gives the teeth to a creature in need led to even more questions. What kind of creature? Where? How does she get the teeth there? While answering her endless stream of questions, a story developed that one such creature was a friendly monster that lived in the very jungle we were driving through. This monster had no teeth, of course, and was in need of a little help! How cool would it be if there was a toy that children could give their teeth to, we thought. And so, in addition to sunburns and sandy feet, we headed home with a very special souvenir: the spark of an idea for a more magical, meaningful Tooth Fairy experience. After all, where do teeth go when the Tooth Fairy takes them?