The Toothless Monster

How It Works

  1. When your child loses a tooth, you will together read The Toothless Monster® storybook to learn why not having teeth is a BIG problem for a little monster. Partway through, the book will instruct you to stop reading until your child has given a tooth to their monster.
  2. Before going to bed, your child will give their tooth to Monte or Meli by placing it in the secret tooth pouch located under the monster's tongue.
  3. While your child sleeps, the Tooth Fairy (ahem) will collect the baby tooth and deliver it to Meli or Monte far away in their jungle home. While she is away doing that, you will snap into place one of the provided plastic teeth.
  4. Your final task as the Tooth Fairy's assistant is to place the "thank you" gift(s) of your choosing next to your child's monster. We recommend a dollar or two and a piece of fruit, but feel free to get creative!!


The next day, your child will wake to find not only their gifts, but also that their monster really gained a tooth! You will continue reading the book to learn just how excited - and thankful - The Toothless Monster is to have received such a special gift from your child. Repeat the above steps with each lost tooth, eventually solving The Toothless Monster's problem with a big, toothy grin . . . and the wildest party the jungle has ever seen!